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sun min

The Sun

Ruby – Its use and effect

Ruby is a very beautiful stone that is worn for planet Sun. It comes in two colours of dark red and light pink. Generally, the astrologer would prescribe this precious gemstone when the planet Sun is placed in its debilitation or afflicted by the evil planets.
This stone stands for power, authority, courage, dignity, and boldness. The people who are eager to get success in the job, career, profession or business can wear Ruby. This gemstone protects against ailments related to bones, headache, indigestions, and fevers. If the sun is giving good results in someone’s horoscope that they should wear ruby to increase power.

Corresponding Astrological Gemstone: Ruby

moon min

The Moon

Pearl – Its use and effect

Pearl gemstone is considered to be the gemstone for planet moon. Moon stands for peace, serenity and calmness of mind. The pearl is said to have a great power of resisting anger and irrelevant imagination. Generally, parent gives the pearl to their kids as a lucky stone.
The pearl is the stone which is beneficial for the people who are eager to improve their imagination and creativity should wear pearl. The white pearl is prescribed to the people who have been suffering from anxieties, depression, psychiatric problem and all sorts problem pertaining to mind. It is believed that wearing a pearl will take away the malicious effects of the moon and will help the person to get out of gloom and depression.

Corresponding Astrological Gemstone: Pearl

mars min

The Mars

Red Coral – Its use and effect

The Red Coral represents the planet Mars. This coral is found 500 feet deep inside the seawater in the shape of bushes. The red coral is popularly known as Praval or Munga among the Indian people. Moonga is worn by people for Manglik dosh because the red coral is meant to nullify the dosh. Usually, the red coral is used when the planet Mars is weak or conjoined with the malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn and Sun.
The wearing of Red Coral as a lucky stone can certainly makes the user a winner over the enemies. The Red Coral is a boon for the people who have been working in the defence and police segment. The Red is highly recommended when the planet Mars is conjoined with evil Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.

Corresponding Astrological Gemstone: Red Coral

mercury min

The Mercury

Emerald – Its use and effect

The Emerald is also known as Panna. Emerald is a precious green colored gemstone. This lucky stone Emerald brings mental power, intelligence and knowledge. The Emerald is the ruler of the trade, commerce, science and research. This gemstone gives complete peace of mind by increasing the tolerance level of a person and generates harmonious family relationships. The person wearing this stone will possess a higher level of intelligence, will be energetic, clever and much quicker in finishing tasks.
It also possesses the healing power in the human body and saves it from worldly diseases. Hence, the lawyer, public speaker, spiritual healer, teachers and in the field of sales and marketing can use the gemstone to reap maximum benefits of the Emerald.

Corresponding Astrological Gemstone: Emerald

Jupiter min

The Jupiter

Yellow Sapphire – Its use and effect

Jupiter is undoubtedly the largest planet in the solar system and has got a superior position among all the other planets. The Yellow Sapphire is a very powerful and effective gemstone which is recommended for getting benefits of the planet Jupiter.
It is extremely important to make the planet Jupiter powerful by wearing Pukhraj stone in the index finger. There are many benefits the wearer of the yellow sapphire can get. To curb the negative effects, you need to wear the yellow sapphire for its wisdom, good health, financial gain, longevity and fame. The people who have been working in the field of education, finance, banking, insurance and revenue can reap good result.

Corresponding Astrological Gemstone: Sapphire

venus min

The Venus

Firoza / Opal / Zircon - Its use and effect

Venus stands for the wholeness of honesty, spirituality, courage, morality and love. The diamond is one the most powerful and effective gemstones in the field of the Vedic predictive astrology. It is by far the most expensive stones in the world. This gemstone provides a systematic and methodological approach to life problems.
The use of Diamond can make your marital life happy and peaceful. It stands to be the symbol of luxury as well and brings all the beneficial results to the wearer. . The wearer would also exhibit wisdom and maturity in all the fields of life. The wearer of the diamond can get rid of the diseases like diabetes, venereal diseases, urinary problem and all other private diseases.

Corresponding Astrological Gemstone: Firoza / Opal / Zircon

Saturn min

The Saturn

Blue Sapphire - Its use and effect

Blue Sapphire is a stone that represents Saturn. The Blue Sapphire is mostly known for both its effectiveness and notoriety as well. If the Saturn suits a person well, it will bring immense happiness in his/her life but if it does not suit the wearer, it can also destroy the life of the person. The Blue Sapphire is popularly known as Neelam.
The Blue Sapphire brings good luck, fortune, name, fame and winning over the court cases and enmity etc. It expels the negative feeling, fears and inferiority complex etc.The Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan has been using Blue Sapphire for more than two decades. It helps the wearer in making professional advancements in the field of finance, health, and happiness.

Corresponding Astrological Gemstone: Sapphire

ketu min

The Rahu

Gomed - Its use and effect

Planet Rahu represents the lower half of the snake and the north node of the moon. The capability of a greater impact on human life lies on planet Rahu. It is a quite powerful stone and can bring beneficial result during the Mahadasha of Rahu. This gemstone helps in speeding up the process and is very beneficial for protecting evils and hidden enemies.
The Gomed should be used after having a proper analysis of the birth chart by a wise astrologer. It calms the mind of the wearer and relieves a human life from depression, deep seated anxieties and mental problems. Gomed helps to boost concentration, focus and gives clear direction to help achieve goals. It will give you a great power of decision making.

Corresponding Astrological Gemstone: Gomed

rahu min

The Ketu

Cat's Eye - Its use and effect

The Cat’s Eyes should be worn during Vimshottari Mahadasha and Antardasha of Ketu for 7 years. The Ketu can be highly harmful when ill-placed. However, the planet Ketu can be made effective by various remedial measures. Wearing Cat’s Eye is one of the best remedial measures for neutralizing and dispelling the negative impact of the Ketu.
The Ketu can bring negative effect if it is conjoined with Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. However, the Cat’s Eye can be a boon. It can be helpful in anorexia or loss of interest in food. The Cat’s eye can help you to expel stress and anxieties. It also helps to increase spiritual bent of mind. This gemstone helps in safeguarding the wearer from loss of reputation, scandals and more.

Corresponding Astrological Gemstone: Cat's Eye

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